These storytellers combined their talents to produce the book Gadi Mirrabooka. Click each name for more detail,

Francis Firebrace one of the Aboriginal Storytellers, Cultural Educator, Tribal elder and Artist. Francis Firebrace is a cultural educator, indigenous storyteller, and artist, combining the four elements of `The Dreaming’: storytelling, dance, art and music.

June Barker Aboriginal Storyteller, Cultural Educator and Tribal Elder. June Barker, indigenous storyteller, cultural educator and Elder, in Lightning Ridge, a town in Northwestern New South Wales, worked in many far-flung areas of outback NSW.

Pauline McLeod Author, Storyteller, Cultural Educator, Director and Performer. Pauline Campbell-McLeod was one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal storytellers. She was a versatile, multi-talented artist, who is experienced in all facets of the media: TV, Radio, Theatre, Film and writing anything, from plays to short stories.

Helen McKay (Editor) Author, Speaker, Storyteller. Founder, and Life Member of Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) Inc, Helen worked tirelessly to promote storytelling around Australia.

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