I’ve lived at and manage Howmans Gap for the last five years and recently purchased a lodge property in Tawonga South with great views of Mt Bogong so the story of Myee the Bogong Moth woman really resonates. We’ve renamed the venue from Valley View Lodge to Myee Alpine Retreat (after consulting with the Jaitmathang and Dhudhuroa elders)

We are really keen to highlight the story of Myee throughout the venue and would love to be able to stock your books for sale but would need to do so on spec for now. The copy I purchased will be a display copy for the lodge or house. I know from my work at Howmans Gap Alpine Centre that your books would be very popular with guests so we’d love to onsell them.

I would love to display the original artwork and story of Myee in both the house and lodge with appropriate acknowledgement and your approval.


I use storytelling with chocolate to share the traditional use of the native botanicals in my chocolate, to deepen respect for our ancient Indigenous wisdom and culture. I’m looking forward to enjoying your storytelling!

Wishing your day filled with “Yindyamarra Winhanganha” (Wiradjuri- “to know harmony, gentleness and respect for self, others and country”)