About Storytelling – A Practical Guide, by Helen McKay and Berice Dudley“ONCE UPON A TIME” is still one of the most guaranteed attention-getting phrases in our language.
Storytelling is as old as language. It crosses all boundaries of time, age and culture. This is a book for all storytellers, parents and grand-parents, librarians, therapists, teachers and speakers. Whether you’re storytelling for fun or a fee, the practical hints will enhance your performance.

Riotous Riddles by Helen McKay and Berice Dudley – 501 Riddles to keep the kids occupied on long car trips. “Are we there yet?” Don’t leave home without it. Laughs, Jokes, Animal Antics, Nautical Nonense, Humbugs and Bedbugs, Keys and Coffins. Tease your brain with Witty Word Puzzles. Read the riddle of how many chickens you can fit into an empty box, why Dracula was hanging around the computers and what the elephant said to the naked man.

Links to your Happiness By Helen McKay – Enhance your life with a simple strategy. Identify what makes you happy. Refocus – become more confident. Be Happy and healthy. Enjoy the stories. Learn about The Happy Book – for recording the simple, everyday joys of life.“To be happy we need to refocus: to appreciate the tiny, joyful, everyday occurrences that delight us and develop a positive attitude.”


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Go to each website linked above for details of these books by Helen McKay. Helen’s experience includes teaching a class of difficult kids at a high school, pottery and three dimensional Art, managing a restaurant during the recession of the 1990’s, writing, storytelling, organising an international festival…