I was just very excited to give my friend this book as these stories are important to me and her. Our culture is something important to teach our kids and I dont think there’s a better place to start than with the dreaming. Thank you very much for putting these stories in one place. I’m sure she will be super excited to get the book.

Thank you for that, I’m looking forward to it. I’m an author, and am working on a series of stories based on Aussie history, folklore and mythology to create a uniquely Australian fantasy world. I’ve been drawing on a lot of local Noongar knowledge (seasons, bush medicine, language and stories) to build both a believable and recognisable setting, and feedback from sensitivity readers has been really good so far. Your book popped up in a search I did for the bunyip, and thought it would make a good addition to my research collection. Thanks for sending it out so quick.

Thank you for your email with tracking information, I have received the book and it’s fantastic. I teach the school curriculum in dance in Brisbane and feel it will be very helpful.

I am giving it as a baptism present to a little girl who means a lot to me. Her Mum is very aware and works as an environmental lawyer. To me it represented a spiritual gift as well as sharing the dreaming stories that so much belong to this country, with very authentic information to learn and grow with. Thankyou. I shall look forward to receiving it and having a sneaky read through before I present it.

This book was first published Nov 2001 as part of a world series on folklore by Libraries Unlimited USA. Had many reprints. Now a classic.