Myee, the Bogong Moth Woman is a story from the Albury region of New South Wales, retold with permission, by Francis Firebrace.

Not listening to sound advice, Myee, the Bogon Moth woman, lost her beautiful colors, when she traveled far up the Mountain to the snow.

A LONG TIME AGO, back in the Dreaming, the Bogong Moth was a man. He was just very ordinary; a dull gray color. But he had a wife, called Myee, whose wings were all the colors of the rainbow. She was a beautiful woman and highly inquisitive.

And so it was that Myee said to her husband, “Bogon, I would like to go to that mountain over there, to look at that beautiful white stuff on top. It looks interesting.”

But, her husband was very wise and advised his wife, “Stay away from that white stuff. It is very cold and could prove dangerous for our type of people. Besides, it’s a long way; much further than you think.”

One day, when the Bogong Moth man was out hunting, Myee became very inquisitive. Her curiosity was so overpowering that she ignored her husband’s advice and took to the air, with her lovely wings that were all the colors of the rainbow. She flew, as fast as she could, towards the white stuff on top of the distant mountain.

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