Following are some selected articles on Australian Aboriginal Art and Culture written by some Aborigines and by some researchers. First published in Ezine Articles.

  • Abolish The Myths – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership – Abolish The Myths – By Wendy Ittensohn 2014
    It’s surprising just how many wildly inaccurate myths there are surrounding the First Nations peoples and the subject of leadership.
  • Aboriginal Culture – Defining Australia: Australian Aboriginal Culture – By Wiputri Setiawan 2017
    As we know there are many countries with many kind of cultures inside it. Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people involve religion, social habits, music, arts and the others.
  • Aboriginal Identity – A Story About Aboriginal Identity – By Richard Dacker 2010
    My story begins as a descendant of the original inhabitants of Australia; I am Aboriginal, with a mixture of English and Dutch heritage. During my infant and primary school years until the age of 8 years, I lived with my extended family in a place called “Blackman’s Point”.
  • Demolishing The Myths – Aboriginal Tribes’ Development – Demolishing The Myths – By Wendy Ittensohn 2014
    The aboriginal or First Nations peoples of Australia have long been surrounded by myth and prejudice.
  • Dreaming In Aboriginal Art – Dreaming in Aboriginal Art – By Peter Neng 2009
    The ancient culture of the Aboriginal people in Australia is one of the oldest in the world. It is rich in art, ceremonial rituals, and healing methods which are inextricably linked with the natural and spiritual world.
  • History Of Australia – History of Australia – By Sunil Tanna 2007
    The first humans are believed to have arrived in Australia over 40,000 years ago. These people arrived via land-bridges and/or sea crossings from Southeast Asia, and became the indigenous people known as “aborigines”.
  • Lucid Dreaming – Beginner’s Guide to Aboriginals and Lucid Dreaming – By Jeff Baker 2010
    Did you know that shamans aren’t the only ancient people to use dreams and lucid dreaming? Ancient Australian aboriginals had an entire belief system based around “the Dreamtime.”
  • Sydneys Aboriginal Art – Sydney’s Aboriginal Art and Culture – By Suzie W. 2009
    The rock paintings and engravings of Sydney reflect the artistic inclinations of the Aboriginal population before the Europeans came to settle in this historical city. Rock engravings and paintings show the close relation the Aborigines had with the sea.
  • The Dreaming Is Foundation – Aboriginal Art – The Dreaming is the Foundation – By Rod Dagan 2009
    The Dreaming is the center of Aboriginal religion and life. To the Aborigines it is much bigger than the world of our nightly dreams. Of all forms of Aboriginal art, including paintings, sculpture and the performing arts, the one thing that is associated with providing the most influence is the Dreaming.
  • Top Six Places – Top Six Places to Connect With Australia’s Aboriginal Culture – By Jim Navary 2010
    In addition to kangaroos, koalas, and the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, visitors to Australia may also enjoy connecting with the original inhabitants of the land “down under” – the Aboriginal people. For those who are so inclined, here are the top six places to interact with Aboriginal Australia.