A friend told me about your book and I managed to find it in my local library. What a delight! Part One is particularly informative and one senses the authenticity of the whole book. As a retired Steiner teacher I have long struggled with bringing indigenous culture to children in a respectful and appropriate way and I feel there is much to be done in this area. Your book certainly helps with this. I now teach a small class of student teachers nd will certainly be recommending this book to them. Thank you for your work. Feedback:

I’m looking forward to receiving it very much. About 5 years ago I wrote a trilogy of novels focusing on racial issues in Australia, which included the Stolen Generation and Wiradjuri Dreamtime stories. I actually contacted Stan Grant Snr., prior to self-publishing the books, asking his permission to use them and requesting he authenticate what I had written. He very kindly did, of course. I’m not sure where I found them at the time (local library) but I’m sure I would have been contacting you instead if I had had your book at the time. Anyway, I just thought you’d find that interesting…

I’m teaching about Caring for Country across primary school classes.
I’m not indigenous, but have permission from Ngunnawal elders, Canberra region, to teach about connection to Country and some of the knowledge they’ve passed on.
I’ll let you know how the stories go.

I’m a teacher at Neville Bonner Primary in Canberra and have bought my own copy so that I can return one I borrowed from our marvellous Indigenous Education Officer Viv Higgins. I never understood the power of Dreaming Stories until I saw what the kids get out of them. They show me layers and meanings that I miss. I’ve bought the book to show respect for the value of the stories and to continue to share them with my students and use them in my teaching regardless of whatever school I end up at.

This book was first published Nov 2001 as part of a world series on folklore by Libraries Unlimited USA. Had many reprints. Now a classic.

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