Journey into the fascinating world of Australia’s Aboriginal culture with this unique collection of 33 authentic, traditional Australian Dreamtime indigenous stories, each story brought to you by an Aboriginal storyteller custodian.

Unlike other compilations of stories that were modified and published without permission from the Aboriginal people, each story is now presented with approval from Aboriginal elders in an effort to help foster a better understanding of the history and culture of the Aboriginal people and Aboriginal stories of creation.

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Australian Aboriginal story book, Gadi Mirrabooka, with 33 dreamtime stories retold by Pauline McLeod, June Barker, and Francis Firebrace to Helen McKay. Contains chapters on mythology, culture, legends. Contains illustrations including colour plates created by Francis Firebrace. Each book sold here will be autographed by Helen McKay.

Australian Aboriginal stories contain many life lessons useful in and out of school classrooms.

Gadi Mirrabooka, which means “below the Southern Cross,” introduces wonderful tales from the Dreamtime, the mystical period of Australian Aboriginal beginning.

Through these thirty-three stories you can learn about customs and values, animal psychology, hunting and gathering skills, cultural norms, moral behavior, the spiritual belief system, survival skills, and food resources. Includes the famous Rainbow Serpent story and many others.

One of the most distinctive and absolutely compelling Australian Aboriginal story books, this collection of sacred traditional Aboriginal creation stories is an immensely valuable treasure for educators, parents, children and adult readers. Grades K to Adult. Includes Rainbow Serpent and other famous creation stories.

Published in hard cover format in the World Folklore Series 2001, by Libraries Unlimited division of Heinemann. Pages: xviii, 135p. + 8p. Insert Color plates, Size: 7×10 inch, Cloth, ISBN 9781563089237 and 1563089238

Buy the best of Aboriginal Story Books.