And more feedback from readers of Gadi MirrabookaAustralian Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories

I am a librarian at Auburn city library service. I was reading the tales from the book Gadi Mirrabooka and am inspired by it. I would like to use some of the tales in the book and relate it to stories from Indian Mythology and think of a production. In fact I would also like to have input from you or any aboriginal story tellers for this. This would make an interesting production. I would like to take this to India as well since these tales are not popular in that part of the continent. There may be other opportunities as well.

I have just purchased a book from your website and am wondering if you could send it out as soon as possible please as my Year 3 students are really into the Dreamtime stories and are dying to know the ending of the bunyip story.

I’m writing to you on behalf of the Commonwealth Education Trust in London and Lift Education from New Zealand to request the use of the story “Belah, the Sun Woman”, a tale from the Flinders Rangers of South Australia retold by Francis Firebrace in an upcoming anthology being published by the Commonwealth Education Trust. Some anthologies will be donated to schools and libraries worldwide. The story was originally published in the book Gadi Mirrabooka: Australian Aboriginal Tales from the Dreaming in 2001.

Thank you for signing the front of the book for me, it was a pleasant surprise. The book arrived while I was in hospital and my daughter brought it up to me – it kept me entertained for several days, Thank you.

Thankyou Helen. It is a special gift for my sons 5th birthday. I think he is going to LOVE it. I am a New Zealander and we have many stories of maori myths and legends that he adores to read. I am excited to introduce him to Aboriginal mythology and for us all to further develop a deepened respect and understanading of the great culture of Australias indigenous people.

Thank you very much for the prompt postage of your books. We are seeking approval to order four more copies.
Department of Correctional Services, Darwin.

Thanks for your reply. I’m quite interested in this as I hope to refer to the story in my PhD thesis.

I’m studying a Primary Education degree online with Curtin University and the book Gadi Mirrabooka has been mentioned as part of a Visual Arts course I’m currently doing. It looks like an interesting resource. Could you please confirm how much would it cost to send to Hong Kong.

I’m in the midst of reading Gadi Mirrabooka – I’m almost finished and I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying all the stories! Thank you.

I would just like to thank you for the gorgeous book, which arrived today on my front porch. I can’t wait to read some of the stories to my students. They are keen to hear the end of the scary Bunyip story! They’re obsessed with bunyips at the moment! I adore the front and back cover of the book. Tastefully designed. It’s a real credit to you and your team.
Mary Anne

Thank you for being a creative force behind “Gadi Mirrabooka”, the reason why I feel connected to her in the first place. It is a wonderful book.

Congratulations too on an excellent book. I have already read several of the stories and the background material at the beginning is very interesting and informative.

I am the lucky teacher of a Year 3/4 class, here in Perth and I am really looking forward to using this beautiful book, Gadi Mirrabooka, within my theme of “Traditional Stories.”

Yes, you did a great service to the world by preserving those wonderful Aborigines stories and making them available to a wider audience.
Dr Margaret Read MacDonald

Aboriginal stories are teaching tools, each story containing several life lessons.