‘One of the most interesting and varied collections of Aboriginal stories I have seen… The stories have the unmistakable stamp of authenticity, and offer a great variety in themes and levels of complexity.’
Dr. Gwenda Beed Davey, co-editor of the Oxford Companion to Australian Folklore and Honorary Research Associate, National Centre for Australian Studies, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.


‘At last we have a collection of Aboriginal tales we may use with the blessings of the elders. And such delightful stories! An amazing book and a great resource!’
Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald, an author, storyteller, and folklorist based in Kirkland, Washington, USA.



Uluru in Kata Tjuta National Park: 450km (280 miles) southwest of Alice Springs. Uluru, the world’s largest monolith and an Aboriginal sacred site, is Australia’s most famous natural landmark — important in Aboriginal dreamtime legend.