The reader is reminded that the word meanings given here, are related to the tribal group or storyteller, from which, the story evolved. There are at least 700 different Aboriginal dialects, many of which have different words to describe these creatures etc.

Aunty: adult woman, not necessarily closely related
Baa-lah: gum tree
Banda Banda: grasshopper
Beetha: worm
Billabong: large waterhole
Bogong: moth (considered a great delicacy)
Boolie Boolie: whirlie whirlie wind
Boomerang: flat curved wooden weapon, which was thrown some boomerangs return, but not all
Boondis: weapons – Aboriginal sticks used as a club
Brolga : large stilt legged bird known for its mating dance
Buleene: death
Bullroarer: powerful sacred musical instrument forbidden to women
Bundah: the big grey kangaroo
Buntha Buntha: poison or ghost dust
Bunyip: large, scary monster which lives in billabongs
Bura: thunder
Caa-mah: spear
Carbon dating: scientific method of establishing the age of objects
Clapsticks: two sticks of uneven weight and different woods which are beaten together
Cockatoo: large white or black parrot
Coolamon: hollowed out wooden or bark dish used by women
Corroboree: Aboriginal celebration with feasting, art dance, music, storytelling
Dennewans: young emus
Dhundi : boy’s name which means frog
Dhurran: snake
Didgeridoo: instrument made from long hollow branch
Dilly bag: a carry bag made of string used by women
Dingo: native wild dog
Dreaming: all encompassing description of the Dreamtime Creation period
Dreamtime: historical reference to an event in a specific period of the Creation
Dunniah: wattle tree
Echidna: spiky ant eating animal similar to hedgehog
Elders: wise older members of the tribe
Emu: very large long legged flightless bird
Euree: the little hairy woman
Euro: the Aboriginal name for Wallabys
fella: man
Gadi: below, beneath
Gambil Gambil: the spirit woman
Gammon: pretending
Garnee: lizards
Gian: moon
Gilghi: small water hole
Ginghi: cockatoo
Girilambone: means the place of the falling star.
Goanna: very large lizard
Gondwanaland: the great prehistoric Southern Continent
Googar: goanna or large lizard
Goolbree: male emu
Goondi: rough bark shelter
Guddie Springs: which are soda water springs near Coonamble, now known as Cuddie Springs. Now dried up, archaeologists are excavating and making incredible discoveries there
Gumleaf: eucalypt leaf used as a musical instrument
Guriada: telepathy or long distance magic
Kata Tjuta: formation of huge round boulders known as Olgas
Kookaburra: bird known as laughing jackass
Koolah: Koala in some tribal languages
Marnghi: wattle tree
Marsupials: animals which carried young in an external pouch
Megafauna: giant creatures of the Pleistocene period
Men’s Business: Sacred male inititian rites
Message stick: small piece of wood, incised with marks carried by travelers to show they had good reason to be somewhere. Sometimes they told of good hunting sites
Mirrabooka: the Southern Cross constellation of stars
Mission: government reservations run by churches
Mood diah: possum
Malyan: eagle hawk
Mungaleah: also means turtle
Murrawah: red kangaroo
Narrbang: dilly bag, carry bag made of string used by women
Nardoo stone: stone on which seeds were ground to make flour
Ngemba: Aboriginal tribe
Nguree: emu or large flightless bird
Nulla Nullas: weapons – heavy Aboriginal clubs
Old fulla: nasty old man
Payback : a system of punishment for crime by victim’s family
Pikkuw: crocodile
Pullah Pullah: butterfly
Quongdong: a native fruit like a plum
Reedbeds: now known as the Macquarie Marshes
Rina dina: raindrops
Sahul: Ice Age continent; Australia Tasmania and New Guinea
Seanachie: Irish storyteller
Sorry business: .bad karma
Songlines: couplets giving custodianship to Tribal land
Squatters: similar to homesteaders of the west
Sugar bag: wild honey from native bees
Symbolic art: art made up of dots, lines, zigzags, whorls, which tells a story
Tar monadro: great gum tree
Termites: white ants
The dry river bed: where the early Aborigines said “the river runs upside down.” The water is under the sand.
The Marthaguy: .one of the small rivers near the reedbeds
Thermo luminescence..scientific method of establishing age of objects
Thiggibilla: porcupine
Tiridee: native bee
Tongala: Aboriginal name for Murray river
Totem: An animal or bird identity, conferred at birth. Part of a complex system of Aboriginal tribal identification
Trowena: Aboriginal name for Tasmania
Uluru: Ayers Rock, most sacred site
Une: lightning
Waaway: scary creature, mythical dog creature
Walkabout: journey for education, gathering food, trade
Wallaby: small kangaroo-type animal
Wandjinas: spirit heroes of the Dreamtime in Kimberleys and Northern Territory
Waratah: native rose, floral emblem of New South Wales
Warrumbungles: Mountain range, is where the wallabys live